I don’t like Mondays….

I Don’t Like Mondays

Tell me why?

I Don’t like Mondays, Tell me why?

You may be fortunate enough to be too young to remember this song or you may not even know who the hell Bob Geldof is- In that case Don’t worry about the song itself-

If you are wondering why Bob and his Boomtown rat friends despised Monday so much then check out this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Don%27t_Like_Mondays

Fair enough I hear you say- A mass shooting in a school is enough reason to put anyone off Monday- For most of us though we don’t have this excuse however we still get into the ritual of complaining that Monday is here (We even have the word ‘Smonday’ now- see below)


I urge you my friends to find a way to enjoy Monday- Its the best way to start your week-

For Mindset coaching get in touch- there are ways to help us enjoy life more- for every day of the week.


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